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Tested a microSD card in your isostick? Great! Please edit the table below if it worked / didn't work.
While we don't expect any compatibility issues with microSD cards, this list is so people can buy and be relatively sure everything will work just fine.

Note: You'll need to create and account and confirm your email address to be able to edit this (and any other) page.

Some things to note / consider:

  • If you don't know what to put in a particular column, you can leave it blank.
  • Don't remove old data - admins will curate it when the data is no longer needed.
  • If you have a card that doesn't work, and are willing to potentially help debug an issue, post a link to a way to contact you in the owners column. Don't post your email address directly, though, unless you love spam from everyone on the internet.
  • 64GB cards require FAT32 formatting, which Windows' formatting utility will not do by itself. Rufus is recommended with these settings.

Some research into microSD card speed from the Kickstarter.
Note that isostick itself is limited to 12MiB/s transfer rate, regardless of the card used.

Have any questions? Post to the talk page or the forums, and someone will take a look and try to help you out.

Manufacturer Size Class Model Number isostick FW
Status Notes Buy Link Owner(s)
ADATA 32GB 10 AUSDH32GCL10-RA1 1617 Working Amazon isostickAdmin
ADATA 16GB 10 AUSDH16GCL10-RA1 1617 Working Newegg isostickAdmin
ADATA 8GB 10 AUSDH8GCL10-RA1 1617 Working Newegg isostickAdmin
ADATA 8GB 10 AUSDH8GCL10-R 1617 Working No SD adapter. Newegg isostickAdmin
AmazonBasics 8GB 10 B0058GH450 1617 Working Amazon isostickAdmin
Patriot 128GB 10 PSF128GMCSDHXC10 1677 Working 68GB in 61 ISO's and still going. Amazon User:n2lzq
PNY 32GB 10 P-SDU32G10-GE 1617 Working Barely meets Class 10 speeds.
Had 2 bad out of 15 ordered.
Newegg isostickAdmin
PNY 16GB 10 P-SDU16G10-GE 1617 Working Barely meets Class 10 speeds. Newegg isostickAdmin
PNY 8GB 10 P-SDU8G10-EFS2 1617 Working Barely meets Class 10 speeds. Newegg isostickAdmin
Sandisk 64GB 10 SDSDQUA-064G-U46A 1617 Working Amazon tuxthemadpenguin isostickAdmin
Sandisk 64GB 10 SDSDQUA-064G-U46A 1677 Working Amazon Slimmer
Sandisk 64GB 10 SDSDQUA-064G-U46A 1677 Working Amazon Untouchedwagons
Sandisk 64GB 10 SDSDQU-064G-U46A 1624 Working [local retailer] daniel.mitran
Sandisk 64GB 10 SDSDQU-064G-AFFP-A 1624 Working Amazon taa
Sandisk 32GB 10 SDSDQU-032G-AFFP-A 1617 Working Amazon gmcrist
Sandisk 8GB 10 SDSDQU-008G-U46A 1624 Working [local retailer] [gdvbel]
Sony 4GB 4 SR-4C4 1624b Working N/A pkirkov
Sony 64GB 10 SR64UY2A/TQ 1677 Working N/A sbromulo
SanDisk 8GB 2 03484077 1624b Broken Shows up, isostick not mounting ISO image. N/A pkirkov
Sample 2TB 42 FooCard 9000 1337 Broken Didn't show up, works in other readers. Not for sale. isostickAdmin
Transcend 32GB 10 TS32GUSDHC10E 1624 Working Working inside the ISOstick User:Assarbad