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Tested your isostick on hardware? Awesome! Please edit the table below if it worked / didn't work.

Note: You'll need to create and account and confirm your email address to be able to edit this (and any other) page.

Some things to note / consider:

  • Keep the data sorted by column / subcolumn. Use alpha sort for text fields, and sort by the newest / highest revision for BIOS and isostick FW revisions.
  • If you've posted about tips / tricks / issues / etc on a forum or webpage, please link to it. There's not enough space in the table for full details for every device.
  • If you have hardware that doesn't work, and are willing to potentially help debug an issue, post a link to a way to contact you in the owners column. Don't post your email address directly, though, unless you love spam from everyone on the internet.
  • Don't remove old data - admins will curate it when the data is no longer needed.

Have any questions? Post to the talk page or the forums, and someone will take a look and try to help you out.

Manufacture Type
(desktop, laptop, etc)
Model BIOS Revision isostick FW
Status Notes / Links / More Info Owner(s)
 !! Sample Destkop FooBar 9001 42 1337 Working Everything Works! isostickAdmin
 !! Sample Laptop BoatAnchor 101 1D 1337 Partial Boots isos; isosel does not load
 !! Sample TV TurboFlatPanel 2012.06.06 1337 Broken TV does not recognize device - (forum link)